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Vendor: Victory Nail

VICTORY NAIL- 1PCS Ceramic Cuticle On/Off Oil Pusher Cuticle Pusher

VICTORY NAIL- 1PCS Ceramic Cuticle On/Off Oil Pusher Cuticle Pusher

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Victory Ceramic Cuticle On Off Pink Oil Pusher

  • Victorynail’s production (Made in Korea)
  • With an oil pusher you can remove loose cuticle and hangnails completely all at once with the nourishment of oil and moisturization at the same time
  • Pen size for hygienic management and portable with on / off type (Click on/off)
  • 1.Push down firmly in direction of arrow to “ON” and wait 5minutes. 2.Soon you will see oil ceramic pusher. 3.Clean up cuticle line by starting with scrubbing the side part of a fingernail in one line. Remove loosened cuticles and hangnails by gently scrubbing in a circular motion. 4.Finish by cleaning nails and pusher. Pull out to “OFF” Position and close lid on ceramic top.
  • Thanks to oil, loose and hangnails will not appear in powder form and you can take care of our nails with moisturization of oil at the same time (During use push to ON, when you are done with use push to OFF to store to use it in a sanitary way for a long time)

Victory Ceramic On-Off Pink Oil Pusher How to Use

Full image of Victory Ceramic Nail pusher

Characteristics of our Ceramic On Off Pusher

1PCS Ceramic Cuticle On Off Pusher is like a pen. You have to push the button to get the oil in to ceramic stone.

When oil comes out and it scratches off the loose skins and at the same time the oil moisturizes that spot. Because of the oil, you can check it clearly whether if the cuticles are off or not. Right amount of an oil comes out so the skin grums don’t go everywhere, and that sticky feeling of oil is not too much.

Why do we have to use On Off Pusher?

*It’s a Fresh start

When you buy an oil pen, you have to use it with an oil on a stone. When ceramic stone and an oil get together, the oxidation gets started. If so, we do not know when it got manufactured, so we made an oil to come out and get mixed with a stone when you use it for the first time.

* Hygiene is the most basic thing

After use, there will be an oil on a stone. So from now on you have to use it more hygienically. If you want to use it, put it on On, and if you are finished put it on Off. Oil comes out only when you put it on On button, so the oil don’t get dried and can use it freshlly every time you use it.

Ceramic Stone Performance

  • Ceramic stone is made at a very high temperature and high pressure so it’s durablity
  • The water absorption rate is very low(almost close to zero)
  • Compare to average stainless products, our 1PCS Ceramic Cuticle Pusher products can take care of all your nails more efficiently

Image of use of on-off pusher

With this pusher, you can take care of your nails and moisturize your nails at the same time

To take care of your nails more efficiently, you have to take care of all the skin grums around the cuticles. Cuticle is there to take care of nails and prevent the germs so you should not get rid of it more than you have to.

On-Off Print Image

Hygenic on off function

You can choose to turn on and off, and it’s size is smillar to a pen.


Detailed image of On-Off pusher's stone

Very easy and convinient nail care

There is no special process, or drills, you can use it easily at home.


Body image of on-off pusher

Non slip coating

Color of our 1PCS Ceramic Cuticle Pusher product is like lips, and a rubber coating for non slip gives luxurious design and practicality. It’s durablity is very good so you can use it almost permanently.

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