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Baren Foot Care Premium Keratin Eraser Home Set

Baren Foot Care Premium Keratin Eraser Home Set

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It contains a foot softener and double-sided foot pile stainless steel.

The Baren Foot Callus Eraser Home Set is a moisturizing feet exfoliation product with no chance of failure, just spray and scrub.
This product has been selected as an excellent product in the beauty category by the Hi Seoul Brand Awards for two consecutive years.
This product has sincere and real reviews of customers on social media.
According to glowing reviews, my feet were so dry that it hurt when I scratched the dead skin off my heel, so I bought it and tried it as soon as it arrived, and it made my feet smooth; I was able to see the dead skin on the heel visibly shaved off; while rinsing off with water, I was impressed by the soft heel; the dead skin cells fall off and the feet become soft; it works without fail, so I'm going to gift these to friends; it's really the best I've ever bought; it feels completely different from when I forcibly removed it; there was no tightness and the feet stayed moist without applying anything; and it had no stimulation and felt so good.
It is a must-have item for the whole family for smooth, non-rough feet.
Apply and scrub to complete keratin skincare for your feet.
Anyone can have unsightly calluses on the feet, which can cause you to rip stockings, have heels that are embarrassing to wear sandals, experience rough sensations while in a blanket, pain due to thick, cracked heels, and bare feet that are embarrassing.
Applying the nail salon dead skin care method allows you to easily experience the effective keratin skincare of nail salons at home.
It is a keratin removal product that does not fail, with actual reviews proving the confidence in quality by saying that after 1 minute of applying it on the feet, the keratin removed so easily; the feet became completely smooth afterward; the feet stayed moist afterwards thanks to its moisturizing ingredients; the feet will stay smooth throughout the summer; applying and scrubbing is all you need to exfoliate while it removes only the keratin; it is convenient and easy keratin skincare; it lets you experience pleasant moisture with no danger of damaging the skin; it can safely gently remove keratin and nothing else; it allows for gentle, easy, and quick exfoliation without irritating the skin, even moisturizing it afterwards; and the good scent is an added bonus.
Without soaking your feet in water, apply the product and scrub after 1 minute.
It is a high-quality double-sided stainless file, the front side being suitable for rough keratin and the back side being suitable for light keratin or smoothing the skin.
It gently and painlessly removes only the unwanted keratin.
An average of 3ml is used for 10 sprays on both feet, so this product is usually enough to use more than 20 times.


How to use

1. Sufficiently apply the foot softener on the callused areas on the soles of the feet and heels.
2. After 1 minute, use the remover (logo side) to slowly exfoliate the thick calluses.
3. Use the soft side (non-logo side) to remove leftover keratin.
4. Wipe with wet tissue or water.
5. After drying, apply foot cream or moisturizing cream evenly and massage to finish.
Apply the softener in between exfoliations for a better effect.
Using a foot cream every day can block dryness and keratin.
Use it once every 7 or 10 days depending on individual foot conditions.
Apply the softener evenly and scrub after at least 1 to 3 minutes, depending on the keratin conditions, and apply an additional layer of softener in between exfoliation to soak and scrub thicker calluses.
Do not keep scrubbing one single area or scrub too hard just because it removes the keratin so well.


Featured ingredients

It is gentle on the skin with thirteen earth-derived ingredients, and it can be trusted as it has completed a skin test.
It contains moisturizing ingredients, providing a moist and soft finish after use.
Since it is a high-quality double-sided stainless-steel file, it can be washed with water after use and can be reused.
Contains 13 kinds of earth-derived extracts such as urea, lactic acid, glycerin and rhizome root extract, green tea extract, and cabbage extract to help soften and moisturize dead skin cells.
Thirteen earth-derived ingredients as well as urea, lactic acid, and glycol acid soften calluses, and the active ingredients quickly and gently soften them further, making it easier to remove calluses with physical force.


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