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Vendor: Baren

Baren 2 Ways Stainless Foot File

Baren 2 Ways Stainless Foot File

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The Baren Magic Shine Double Foot File is a recommended product if you are suffering from rough, prickly calluses.

It is an effective and failure-free foot keratin remover that exfoliates very well.
Recommended for those who have not been able to see the effect of existing exfoliators which made it difficult to remove keratin, needed too much force due to uncomfortable handles, whose process of soaking in water was too troublesome, and bleeding with continued use.

This product is recommended because you can’t just use any exfoliator: glass is difficult to hold and breaks when dropped, stone has an uneven surface that can damage the skin, and the planer method can cut the skin if used incorrectly.
It is a product of Baren, the proud Korean foot care brand.
It is not a Chinese copy that only looks similar.

The cumulative sales volume is 500,000 products, as even a single product properly removes dead skin cells.

Reviews showed high satisfaction, saying that it is enough to crush all exfoliators; it is effective for prickly and cracked skin, so I plan to buy it for people around me; I thought it would hurt if I scrubbed but it didn’t; it made me realize I didn’t take care of my feet as well as my face or hands; it’s been a month and it still removes chronic calluses with a single use; and I might as well get one for each person rather than sharing with someone else.

Many people exclusively use Baren products because of its perfect exfoliation, safe use even on dry feet, comfortable handle, and easy washing with water.
Hard and rough calluses are first removed through bumps of the press technique, and the thinner, residual keratin and skin surface are cleaned in the form of fine sunflower-etched circular bumps.

The ergonomically designed handle makes it easy to hold and does not require effort.
It can be easily cleaned in 10 seconds under running water.
Recommended those who want to give presents to their parents whose feet feel rough and leaves white residue every time they take off their socks, get ready to go to work late because of rough calluses, suffer from cracked heels, or handle calluses with the wrong folk remedies.
Your bumpy and rough feet can

experience the keratin skincare.
Invest 5 minutes once a week for an exfoliator that removes fine keratin like grated cheese.

Complete smooth, callus-free heels with Baren Magic Shine Foot File.
It is 45 mm wide and 225 mm long.

Featured ingredients

Baren's ultra-fine etching precision processing technique perfectly removes both thick and light calluses without failure.
It can be safely used even on dry feet due to the ultra-fine etching precision processing technique.

Made of rust-resistant stainless steel and ABS rubber material which is strong against water, it is not slippery and can be used safely and cleanly.

How to use

1. Use the back (rough) side on dry feet to scrub slowly.
2. Scrub out the remaining keratin with the front (fine) side.
3. Wipe with a wet tissue and apply a moisturizer.
Please note that the handle size is different from the pre-existing “Magic Stainless Double-Sided Foot Callus Remover”.

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