Shinsiaview Vita Plus Berry Tone Up Cream

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Shinsiaview Vita Plus Berry Tone Up Cream
Product Features

Rice bran extract and beach strawberry extract grow skin to be brighter, with a texture of water-drop, maintaining moisture and improving the skin tone without dryness.


Take an appropriate amount and apply it evenly onto the skin.

Why Shinsiaview

1) Vita Plus Berry Whitening Tone-up Cream in Portable and Easy-to-Use Pouch Container.
2) Trendy and competitive packaging design over other competitors.
3) Competitive product quality compared to major K-beauty brands.
4) Affordable K-beauty cosmetics without having to compromise quality.
5) Good fit for Millennials and Generation Z.
6) The pouch contains 30g of unique products which leads to high turnover, enabling consumers to use fresh products.
7) (UP) Quality, Fresh, Utility, Portability (Down) Cost for Container, Packaging.

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