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Vendor: Shinsiaview

Shinsiaview Milk Plus Moisturizing Toner

Shinsiaview Milk Plus Moisturizing Toner

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Shinsiaview Milk Plus Moisturizing Toner


Weight: 38g / 400g / 8.46kg
Sizes: 78*4*16mm / per Spout Pouch unit, 80*122*162mm / per inner box (10 pcs of Spout Pouches), 510*430*190mm/ per carton box (200pcs of Spout Pouches)

Key Features

- The Essence makes the skin clean and smooth. It contains Milk Protein Extract, which is known for its moisturization effect, improving moisturization and nutrition of the skin.
- Easy handy & portal at any time & anywhere
- Multi-usage products
- Eco-ish product
- Excellent quality & Reasonable cost (cost efficient) product 3.80 USD
- Outdoor cosmetic
- Achieved Safety Assessment


Apply a moderate amount over your face evenly.


Consult a doctor if abnormal symptoms occur such as a rash, redness, or any allergic reactions due to direct sunlight after using this product. Do not apply on scars or infection areas. Precautions for storage and handling. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep away from direct sunlight.
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