Good Manner KF94 Masks Kids (age 5 to 12) 100 Masks

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Good Manner KF94 Masks Kids (age 5 to 12) 100 Masks

Color: White

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WARNING✅ BEWARE of Illegal / Unauthorized Sellers ** We are the ONLY Trusted Authorized Distributor of Good Manner KF94 Masks in Canada ✅

Good manner KF94 masks are manufactured ONLY by Handa HealthCare Co., LTD. (S. Korea).

UV Protection, Comfortable fit. Convenient and hygienic. Protects the respiratory system from particulate substances, such as yellow dust.

South Korea & USA FDA approved & ISO 9001 certification of a quality management system.

4-ply Structure, 3-tier foldable, High-adhesion nose clip.

1. A 4-Ply structured filter using a highly efficiently static electricity filter.
2. A Hypoallergenic mask of high-quality fabric with a soft touch.
3. 3-tier foldable, 3D dimensional structure.
4. With functional nose support, excellent adhesion.
5. High elasticity ear band.

Not for Medical Use. 

Please note that face masks are non-returnable for reasons of health and safety.

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