What is the cause of your dull skin?

What is the cause of your dull skin?

Why does your skin look dull?

The condition of dull skin causes the skin to lose its brightness, clarity, and cleanliness, giving the appearance of the entire face darker than it should be. Dull skin can be caused by various factors, including:
excessively stratum corneum thickness

After a specific age, skin cells are regenerated through a process called turnover. The skin is regenerated during a turnover to swap out the old stratum corneum. On the other hand, if turnover is delayed, the old stratum corneum remains on the skin's surface and causes dullness.

Dry skin

When the skin is dry, excessive keratin frequently accumulates on the skin's surface. As a result, your skin becomes dull and loses its brightness. Dry skin can also be caused by over-scrubbing and lack of moisturizing.

Cleansing is incorrect.

Dull skin may be the result of improper cleansing and makeup application.
Sebum and impurities that remain in the pores cause the skin to oxidize and darken. It's important to choose a cleansing process that properly reflects the amount of makeup applied.

Oil Cleansing

The most effective cleanser of all is oil cleansing. Even thick eye makeup, waterproof sunscreen and foundation are easily removed but it is also rough on the skin because it contains surfactants.

Cream Cleansing

It contains less surfactant than oil cleansing, making it softer on the skin and leaving it feeling moist. But compared to oil cleansing, it has less cleaning effectiveness.

What are the key things while using a cleanser?

Along with makeup, excessive keratin and sebum are also removed during cleansing.
Here are some things to remember for a more good scrubbing.

  • Do not scrub your face vigorously. Your skin will damage if you scrub vigorously to remove makeup.
  • Choose a cleanser with a strong cleansing function on days when you apply a lot of makeup, and attempt to remove it gently so as not to damage the skin.
  • Use the cleanser evenly on your palm and gently massage it in a circular motion over your face.
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