How to use a sheet mask effectively?

How to use a sheet mask effectively?

The basic step is cleansing and washing the skin and moisturizing it with toner, using a sheet mask locks in the moisture of the toner, and the beauty ingredients in the mask keep the skin well hydrated. It is important to use the masks in the correct order to enhance the skincare effect.

Cleansing and washing your face to create a skin base
Remove dirt and grime from your skin, such as sebum and makeup, so that the sheet mask can permeate all over the stratum corneum.

Make the sheet mask adhere to the skin.
Make sure that there are no gaps around the nose, eyes, and mouth.

Follow the product's instructions on how long to use the sheet mask so that its beauty ingredients can penetrate the skin.

Cover with emulsion or cream.
After moisturizing the skin and applying the mask, it is recommended to cover the mask with an emulsion or cream to prevent it from drying out.

Observe the usage time
Generally, sheet masks should be used for 10 to 15 minutes. However, the time may vary depending on the type of sheet mask and its manufacturer, so check the standard time indicated on the package before using it.

Too much application is counterproductive.
Even if you feel that the sheet is still damp, it is counterproductive to leave it on longer than the recommended time. Moisture will evaporate from the sheet, dehydrating the skin. It is also recommended to set an alarm on your smartphone for the time of use to prevent the effect from being ruined.

Observe the frequency of use.
Not all sheet masks can be used every day just because they moisturize the skin. Basically, we recommend that you follow the manufacturer's recommended frequency.

Depending on your skin type and the ingredients in the serum, some can be added to your daily care routine, while others should be used on special occasions. It is good to try to incorporate them according to the situation.

Use one for daily use and one for special occasions.
Use the sheet mask as often as indicated on the sheet mask. If you use it more often than that, you may not get the desired effect.

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